ELVE SA supplies the Louvre Museum staff uniforms

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ELVE SA supplies the Louvre staff uniforms

ELVE SA just entered a 4-years framework agreement with the Louvre Museum and will procure its staff with tailor-made uniforms & accessories during all the time of that agreement.

ELVE Team Louvres

The Louvre Museum in a nutshell

Originally built as a fortress in 1190 and then reconstructed as a royal palace in the 16thcentury, The Louvre is the world’s largest and most famous museum and it displays one of the most impressive art collections in history. The splendid, baroque-style palace and museum “Le Musée du Louvre” in French sits along the banks of the Seine River in Paris. It is one of the city’s biggest tourist attractions.
Each year, it is 9 to 10 million people that visits the museum, walking around its 243 000m2 with about 73 000m2 of magnificent art & history collections.
According to the French website Pariszigzag, is said that one would need 4 complete days (with 10 seconds per art pieces) in order to make a complete visit of the Louvre’s full collection.

Staff & Louvre Uniforms

The Louvre employs about 2000 people, and it requires them to wear formal uniforms in order to stay in line with their luxurious international brand image. The employees have specific uniforms for summer & for winter, with tailored alterations made by their official suppliers.
According to the season male employees may wear a formal uniform with a black jacket, white shirt and a tie or just a polo-shirt with a tie.
Female employees usually wear a black skirt and white shirt and a scarf.
It is obviously critical that the quality and durability of the garment would also match their high-standing design, and the sourced fabrics were of course chosen by ELVE accordingly.

In addition to their formal outfit, each employee wears its badge attached to an orange badge around its neck in order to be easily identified.

The service provided by ELVE

ELVE has a long-standing expertise in clothing, and notably in uniforms and is very proud of having the opportunity to work with the Louvre on this.

The ELVE’s team worked hard studying the technical requirements and design expectations of the Louvre and came up with the 2013-2016 collection. During that time, ELVE will be responsible of supplying the uniforms sets to the Museum staff.
This means that ELVE will be fully responsible of the sourcing of the fabrics and trims, the conception of the patterns and clothes, the making of the garments, the delivery of the goods as well as the quality check and inspections.

However, the Greek clothing supplier will also be responsible for measuring each employee’s size and making tailor alterations to each Louvre staff member.
In order to do that, the team will be present on site each time it is required for several days to take care of the fitting of the uniforms and will make any necessary adjustments.

ELVE operating in Europe

Majorly operating on the Greek, Cyprus and German market, ELVE thrives for more international collaborations and is constantly expanding its scope to new markets, new clienteles and new challenges. Establishing itself now with significant collaborations on the French market, ELVE keeps in expending in Europe in general.
It is not the first time ELVE works with a museum as it already had other collaborations in the past.

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