Investing in renewable energy since 2008

Over the last decades, the global community has become more aware of the critical situation the world is facing. Large quantities of carbon dioxide have been released into the atmosphere to an alarming point.

The world has been looking for greener ways to produce goods and for more sustainable and viable energy sources.

It has become clear that in order to preserve the Earth’s integrity, we need more renewable energy sources to replace polluting fossil fuel plants.

elve energy

Greece, with its dynamic geographical position, mild climate and favorable weather conditions is one of the best place in Europe for solar energy production.

Knowing all of this, ELVE was not only driven by the obvious ethical reason of being part of the change, but also interested by the economical opportunity it offers, by giving its company the chance to diversify its portfolio even more. 

For these reasons, ELVE invested for the first time in 2008 in photovoltaic energy. We believe that the production of clean electricity will pave the road to new future opportunities.

5 solar energy parks

Total power of 5.2MW,

Production of 7,500,000 KwH

Our Energy Generation Portfolio includes

5 solar energy parks, with a total power of 5.2MW, with a production of 7,500,000 KwH corresponds to avoiding 5.5 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year into the atmosphere. (According to US EPA measurements, this equates to the yearly electricity consumption of 844 homes in the US)

ELVE Energy – Future projects

Our near future planning includes the creation of 20 MW solar power plants.
As of today, this is an ongoing project. The necessary areas have been found and secured and the issuance of the necessary permits in progress.